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As in the title above about How to Register Adcash, this article will discuss about an advertising service and may be an alternative to Google Adsense if you often get rejection from Google Adsense. Maybe you are still there who do not know what violations should not be done for adsense users, you can read my article about All About Adsense. There are a lot of actual advertising services that we can use to earn money in this blogger, and one of them is what I will discuss this time. And if possible, I will discuss all existing advertising services.

But, before I go to the topic of article discussion, I will explain first, what is Adcash, history and others related to Adcash, so you will know Adcash as a whole.

What is

Adcash is a company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Tallin, Estonia. The company was founded by Christophe Avignon, Thomas Padovani. In 2014, the Adcash platform successfully displayed ad content to hundreds of millions of unique visitors every day through various media including more than 100,000 websites and mobile applications.

This company (Adcash) serves many different companies, even though the biggest client of Adcash is an online game development company. In total, Adcash operates in 249 countries and regions throughout the world.

And according to the official website, Adcash serves advertising services in 196 countries around the world. Where there are more than 600 billion ad requests every month, with more than 10,000 advertisements and having 200 million unique visitors every day. Not so bad when compared to Google Adsense.


As I explained above, Adcash was founded in 2007 where the founders were Christophe Avignon and also Thomas Padovani, where they were one of the founders and owners of the US Webinfluence Group.

As I quoted from Wikipedia where Padovani is a person from France who accidentally came to Estonia to establish a new company which until now was named Adcash.
Did you know: He (Padovani), running his company, started with a kitchen in his apartment in Tallinn
This Adcash company was built from the bottom where there was no direct funding. And with the first sales agreement obtained from direct sales.

Adcash Payment System

Those of you who register as ad publishers on Adcash, will get revenue from:
  1. CPC (Cost Per Click), you will get income from ad clicks made by visitors to your blog.
  2. CPM (Cost Per Mile), you will get income from 1000 ads displayed on your blog.

And unlike Google Adsense, where you can only withdraw funds or your balance if you have reached $ 100, on Adcash, you can withdraw your balance if it reaches 25 USD, a quarter of Google Adsense.

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For the payment system, you can use several methods including:

  1. Bank Transfer
  2. Paypal
  3. BitCoin
  4. Payoneer
  5. Skrill
  6. Web money

Adcash Ad Type

For this type of advertisement, Adcash is quite complete by supporting various types of advertisements, ranging from popup, native, leaderboard and more. Below I will explain one by one, so that you know, the ad is suitable for you to place on your blog.
Push Notification
Push Notification is a powerful enough method you use on your blog and is also very effective. For the shape as shown below:

Adcash - Push Notification
How To Sign Up Adcash - Push Notification

This Push Notification will be sent directly to the user's device or browser which provides high visibility, engagement and CTR.

Native Ads

Native Ads is the type of advertisement that we can place in the middle of the article. The potential to get clicks from visitors is also quite high. So, using this type of advertisement is quite effective to apply to your blog

Adcash - Native Ad
How To Sign Up Adcash - Native


This type of ad is the type of ad that appears behind the main browser window.

Of course this type of advertisement will not interfere with visitors because it is behind the main window.

Adcash - Pop-Under
How To Sign Up Adcash - PopUnder

Interstitial Ads

This type of ad is an ad that will appear and cover your entire screen. This type of advertisement is also able to increase income for ad publishers.
Adcash - Interstitial
How To Sign Up Adcash - Interstitial


Is a type of advertisement that extends downward which is usually placed on the side of your blog page. This type of ad is a banner type ad with a size: 160x600. Of course you have imagined this type of advertisement that has dimensions of 160 pixels wide and 600 pixels long

Adcash - Skyscraper
How To Sign Up Adcash - Skyscraper
This rectangle ad format is an ad format with a standard display which is of course highly adapted to desktop and mobile-web display. This type of ad placement is very flexible. You can place wherever you like, for example in the middle of the text.

Adcash - Rectangle
How To Sign Up Adcash - Rectangle


This type of ad is usually placed at the top or header on a blog. This banner type ad has a size of 728x90 pixels.

Adcash - Leaderboard
How To Sign Up Adcash - Leaderboard

And for the placement suggested at the top before the content. And this type of advertisement is responsive which means it can adjust to the display on the desktop or on the mobile.

How To Register

First, please access the website adcash on the following link: Adcash ,then you select the "Register Now" button.

Adcash - Register
How To Sign Up Adcash - Register Button
And as in the usual registration, you will be asked to fill in data such as:
  1. Email: use the email that you will register and which you will use later for the adcash account login.
  2. Password: input the password that you will use for adcash login.
  3. Select preferred currency: in this section, you select the type of currency that you will display on your dashboard later. All ad revenue will be displayed in the type of currency you choose.
  4. Select Account Type: in this section, you select the type of account that you will use. Because you will be an ad publisher, then select "Publisher".
Adcash - Register
How To Sign Up Adcash - Register
Then if it's finished, please click the "Register" button. Then the registration notification will go to the email you registered above.
Please check your e-mail address that you registered above, then there will be an e-mail from Adcash to confirm your e-mail. As in the picture below:

Adcash - Confirm
How To Sign Up Adcash - Confirm

Click the "Confirm Your Account" button to verify ownership of the email that you have registered. Then you will be directed to the page from adcash.
After confirming the email, please login using the email and password that you created in the registration process.

Registering Site

After you log in and enter the dashboard of your adcash account, the first thing you do is register the site that you will use to show ads. Please you register your blog address and specify the type of your blog, whether about education, health or others.

After completing registering your site, your site will wait for Adcash's approval, take it easy, this won't take a long time.

Make Zone

after you successfully register your site, it is time to make a zone. The zone here means the type of ad that you will create and that you will use on your site.

Adcash - Create Zone
How To Sign Up Adcash - Create Zone

In the picture above, please select the site that you have registered, and select the type of ad you will use.
In the explanation above I have explained the types of ads that are on this adcash, if you don't understand, please read again.

Example of Creating a Zone

In this article, I will exemplify the creation of one ad, namely an ad with the type of leaderboard.

Please select "Display Ads (Banners)" and select the size "728x90" and at the bottom click the "Create New Zone" button. Then it will appear as shown below.

Adcash - Make Zone
How To Sign Up Adcash - Make Zone
In the picture above, you adjust whether your site uses "http" or "https". And you copy the code given by adcash. This code will be posted on your blog.
And done. You have succeeded in creating an ad that you will post on your site. One final step is to paste the ad code on your blog.

Creating an Ad Widget on the Blog

now go to the dashboard page of your blog and select "Layout" and select "Add Widget", select the type "HTML / Javascript". And paste the ad code from adcash.

Adcash - Ad Code
How To Sign Up Adcash - Ad Code


How about my article How To Sign Up This AdCash? Hopefully you can understand and can easily use this Adcash to increase your income from the blog.

If there are still unclear, you can watch the video tutorial above I have provided. Please leave a comment below to ask questions related to adcash. I will try to answer as much as I can.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you and please share this article with all your social media and don't forget to follow me on social media to get the latest updates. We meet again at other times and with other interesting articles.